Like a kid in a bookstore

Keeper of the Lost Cities is a fantasy book series, written by Shannon Messenger. With 8 books published so far, it has quite the following among middle graders but it’s also causing quite a stir among readers who have left school a good while ago. I first came across it on the Peruse Project You Tube channel, Regan is a big fan. Her endorphins level seem to go up any time she discusses a new installment. Keeper of the Lost Cities makes grown ups very happy, as in “hugging the book and swooning like a 13 year old” kind of happy.

I read the first book, to see what this was all about. Many times, as a reader, I hoped to recover the pure joy of reading like a kid. This book was my one way ticket to those days, when I was 8 years old, so entranced in a book that the conversations of the adults around me became distant and muffled. Keeper of the Lost Cities transported me to a magical world, I forgot about everything else. I genuinely felt like this book kept my anxiety levels low that week, it was like going home to a world which I once believed in wholeheartedly. A world where magic is real, where knowledge, courage and tolerance are values our heroes live by.

Sadly such values are often bent in our current world for the benefit of personal gain. Reading Keeper of the Lost Cities is like applying a soothing balm to one’s little heart. No harm in toning down all the craziness around us for a little while. With 7 more published books to devour, the last few weeks of winter don’t seem too bad anymore.

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