About Me

Hi bookworms,

instead of a regular About Me section, I thought it might be fun to introduce myself through Book Blog tags!

Book Blog Newbie Tag: 

  • Why did you start this blog?

I want to talk about books & all things bookish, I want to chat to like minded people, so feel free to comment anytime! I am super excited to get in touch with the bookish community by doing my bit and sharing my little corner of the world.

  • What are some fun and unique things you can bring to the book blogging world?

I love reading and art journaling, I very often mix those two passions by doing art pages about the books I love or by chatting about themes which I came across in books. If I like a book, I will very likely transfer my thoughts about it in my art journal, and I will be happy to share this process with you.

  • What are you most excited for about this new blog?

I meant to start a bookish blog for so long, I am super excited to finally take the plunge! I am looking forward to setting myself fun challenges specifically for the blog.

  • Why do you love reading? 

It transports me somewhere else, it challenges how I think, it makes me a better person.

  • What book or series got you into reading?

The first book I really loved was The Secret Garden, which I read a thousand times as a child. As a teenager, I read the Diary of Etty Hillesum, which completely changed me, and made me see how important literature and the written word were.

  • What challenges do you think starting a book blog will be the hardest to overcome?

Being consistent when it comes to posting, and not being afraid to share a part of yourself, which usually would stay hidden!

  • When did you start reading?

I remember learning the alphabet and learning how to read, from then on, I thought it was magic. I have always loved books and grew up to be a very bookish child in a household that did not really care much about books! I was the one whose family was worried because well, doesn’t she read too much, why doesn’t she go play outside?

  • Where do you read?

In bed, on the couch, anywhere snug, under a blanket.

  • What kind of books do you like to read?

Let’s be honest, I used to be a bit of a book snob, but as an adult I have grown less snobby and more adventurous! I am currently in a phase where trying out new genres is my jam! I read fantasy, science fiction, romance (that’s new, teenage me would not be impressed), non fiction, short stories, the papers, other blogs, the back of cereal boxes… I usually lean on book blogs and book tube to discover new books.